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Surface treatment are mainly blue and white zinc plating, plating color, electrophoresis, chrome plating, sand blasting. In general, for the high-grade speaker, it is better to choose chrome plating, and for the small speaker, it is common choose zinc plating or electrophoresis, and the price is more cheaper. .

The speaker cones are made of many different types of natural paper materials blended with manmade materials. They sometimes are upgraded for better sound. . We deal in various sizes and materials of speaker cones to the customer specific needs.

We provide main sizes of all t yoke and washer suiting for 8"to 24" size speakers for reconing, new manufacturing & trading. Also, we deal in all imported and Indian varieties of speaker t yoke and washers for reconing purposes suitable for various top speaker brands like P Audio, B & C, JBL, RCF, Yamaha, Mackie, Behringer, Studiomaster, Peavey, Laney, Ahuja etc. as well as compatible with other major Indian and international brands.

We keep stock of many standard sizes ready in different materials and we also supply t yoke and washer according to customer specific requirements.

We can supply in all over India either by courier or Transport as per customer preference or also depends on nature (weight) of the goods to be supplied.

The various type of cone in which we deal is: